Spotlight: Paul Erubami of Max-Migold Limited

Paul Erubami is a seasoned professional in the facility management industry with a passion for seeing that everyone, and every system, performs at their best. His background in architecture and industrial engineering, years of experience in a wide range of sectors in the built environment, and extensive certifications and memberships of international FM professional bodies have allowed him to focus his career on optimizing facility operations and enhancing sustainability practices. He has over 20 years of experience in the field, with a diverse portfolio of projects across Nigeria, the United Kingdom, and Ghana.

His degree in Architecture, a postgraduate diploma in Economics, and a master’s degree in industrial engineering and operations management have taken him on a diverse educational path, which has equipped him with a unique array of skill sets tailored to the facility management industry. He holds the most relevant credentials and certification in facility management including the certified facility manager CFM, sustainability facility professional SFP, facility management professional FMP, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors MRICS, as well as the Institute of Workplace and Facility Management CIWFM. As an IFMA Qualified Instructor, he teaches FMP, SFP, CFM and FM Essentials on behalf of Global Training Affiliates across Africa and beyond.

Q: Describe your current roles and responsibilities. How has your role evolved over the years?

I serve as the Managing Director/CEO of Max-Migold Limited, where I provide strategic leadership and oversee operations. Over the years, my role has evolved from hands-on facility management to more strategic leadership positions leading diverse teams, growing companies, influencing industry standards and innovation as well as mentoring and coaching the next generation of FM professionals.

Creating and running the FM Master Craft Diploma Course at Max-Migold Training Center and serving as a lecturer in the masters in facility management program at the University of Lagos gives me the opportunity to influence and guide the careers of the next generation of facility managers as I share my excitement, passion and vision for the industry with each teaching engagement.

As a founding Trustee and current President of the Association of Facility Management Practitioners, Nigeria, AFMPN, I lead the national professional body still in the pioneering stage as we seek recognition for the FM profession while entrenching globally relevant local best practices among a rapidly growing community of facility management professionals and corporate entities.

Q: What projects or initiatives are you currently working on that excite you the most?

am currently leading initiatives focused on integrating technology into facility management practices, enhancing sustainability efforts, and providing training and advisory services to property owners in Nigeria and beyond. We are currently developing a multi-channel technology platform that will transform the way we manage FM operations. These projects are exciting as they allow us to make tangible impacts on operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Q: Can you share a significant achievement or milestone from your career?

A significant achievement in my career was managing the Shell Integrated Facility Management Project as the Senior Lead FM covering all the base locations of SPDC in Nigeria with Alphamead Facilities but that pales in significance to the impact that the FM Master Craft Diploma has been making in the lives and careers of almost 1,000 professionals who have undertaken the three months of intensive comprehensive training followed by internships and job placements with over 97% success and abundance of rave reviews.

Q: How do you approach challenges in your work, and what strategies do you employ to overcome them?

I approach challenges with an initiative-taking mindset, envisaging them and intentionally preparing for them, seeking innovative solutions, and collaborating with teams and stakeholders to effectively address issues. I prioritize open communication, continuous learning, and data-driven decision-making to overcome obstacles and drive positive outcomes.

Q: Are there specific skills or tools that have been crucial to your success in your field?

A sharp focus on clearly defined and communicated objectives and goals, continuous learning, and daily improvements in all aspects of life, career and business and a strong passion for the capacity development of others have been crucial to my success as an industry leader and business owner in the built environment.

Q: What do you find most interesting or rewarding about working in facility management?

The most rewarding aspect of facility management for me is the opportunity to create tangible impacts on the lives of people and strategic contributions to organizational success through the efficiency and sustainability of the built environment. Whether it is optimizing energy usage, implementing sustainable practices, or enhancing occupant well-being and overall experience, every improvement contributes to a better-functioning facility.

Q: How have you seen the industry evolve over the years and what trends do you foresee in the future?

Over the years, the facility management industry has embraced technology-driven solutions such as automated facility management tools and systems. I foresee continued advancements in BIM and digital twins, IoT integration, data analytics, and sustainability practices shaping the future of facility management.

Q: Do you have any advice for individuals looking to enter or excel in facility management?

For those entering the facility management field, I recommend cultivating a diverse set of skills and experiences by accepting challenges at work and participating and volunteering in professional bodies. Staying updated with industry trends and pursuing relevant training credentials and certifications can enhance career prospects and facilitate professional growth.

Q: Outside work, how do you like to spend your time? Are there any hobbies or interests you are passionate about?

I find joy in photography, a passion dating back to my early entrepreneurial endeavours. It allows me to explore creativity, capture moments in time, and provide a balance to the demands of my professional life. I also cherish spending time with my family and participating in religious activities.

Q: What motivates or inspires you in your daily life and career?

I am driven by the opportunity to make a positive impact, whether it is through optimizing facility operations, mentoring the next generation of professionals, or contributing to sustainable practices. The knowledge that my work has tangible benefits motivates me to excel every day.

Q: Are there role models or mentors who have influenced your journey, and what lessons have you learned from them?

Throughout my professional journey, I have been influenced by mentors who have exemplified invaluable wisdom and inspiration directly and from a distance. A couple of standout figures are my former boss Engr. Femi Akintunde, Group MD/CEO of Alphamead Group and Engr Dr MKO Balogun, Group CEO of GPFI – both through thick and thin have built enviable pacesetting and industry-leading organizations in a business environment characterized by economic instability and in an industry barely identifiable before they ventured. From their examples, I learned the importance of resilience, adaptability, and integrity in successfully navigating the complex landscape of the facility management industry in a rugged environment.

Q: Can you share a favourite book, podcast, or resource that has had a significant impact on your personal or professional growth?

A resource that has significantly impacted my professional growth is “Good to Great” by Jim Collins. This book provides valuable insights into leadership and organizational success, which have informed my approach to business strategy and development.

Q: How do you maintain a work-life balance and what strategies do you use to recharge and stay focused?

 I prioritize physical fitness routines, appropriate relaxation, and personal interests outside of work, such as spending quality time with family, engaging in hobbies like photography, or participating in community and religious activities. I also practice mindfulness techniques and time management strategies to stay focused and productive during work hours, ensuring that I can recharge and approach challenges with renewed energy and clarity.

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